CitrusCon & BlueSky

I keep telling myself I’ll update more here about the things happening in my life – but then I keep getting busy which leads to feeling overwhelmed which in turn leads to executive dysfunction.

However, I WILL get better, especially with social media being what they are at the moment. I will stay on Twitter until one of us turns to dust, but I think this website is and should be my most stable source for information.

I do enjoy making casual updates about my day, my reads and my obsessions, so those will stay on Twitter, Insta and now also on Bluesky as I finally got myself an invite this weekend!

So do follow me on all of those, if you aren’t already!

Anyway! This weekend was a real blast with the first ever Citrus Con happening! I’m so incredibly grateful for the Citrus Con crew for bringing together such an amazing event and filling the gaping hole left with Fujocon being on hiatus! (Pun very much intended) You guys did AMAZING with your first con and I can’t wait to return again next year! Already plotting a new panel ahaha~

Although I didn’t sleep much, and spent all weekend in a frenzy of caffeine and filth, it was such an amazing time to be immersed in the con bubble with fellow fujin from all over the world! I met so many cool new people, and attended to many awesome presentations and panels! There’s nothing like watching academic lectures on BL in the middle of the night!

I want to extend some special thanks to everyone who came and listened to the panels I was on this weekend!

On Saturday, The Yaoi Shelf was live from Citrus Con, talking about how Fanfic has changed through the decades, which was a fantastic time! Amanda and I both had a blast, and I promise to share the video with you once it’s been uploaded! It was such a fun panel full of nostalgia and insanity, and we got so many fun questions at the end as well!

Then on Sunday I did a fresh version of my Gravitation: A Force to be Reckoned With panel to SUCH an amazing response from the audience! You guys were amazing! I’m so sorry about the technical issues at the end during the Q&A – I forget that my Discord always acts up when it’s been streaming for a little more than an hour. ^^’ But all in all it was an amazing time!

I have plans to share the panel to my Patreon once I have done some editing, and hopefully added subs as well!

If you were at the panel, I have posted the promised list of doujins to Twitter, and also in a doc here!

I’m still trying to figure out how to do Patreon as I’m not confident in keeping a monthly schedule with just how busy and drained I constantly am, but I think I want to try at least occasionally making and sharing videos. Maybe reviews and recs as well?

If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them! For starters, I’m going to kick off with bonus stories about my boys that I’ve been sitting on for way too long.

Wow, look at me actually posting this update! I’ll try to keep it up! Next week is Pride in my city, and I’m going to so many exciting lectures, including one on Queer rep in writing! Very excited, but also already exhausted.

I hope everyone is doing well!

12 thoughts on “CitrusCon & BlueSky

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