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My name is Carola, and I’m the author of Change of Heart!

I’m an indie author dabbling pretty much exclusively in BL (Boys Love), having been interested in and mildly obsessed with the genre, and queer fiction in general, for the majority of my life now.
Although I sometimes also categorize my work under the LGBTQ+ and mlm labels, I prefer to stick to the term BL, as I feel it reflects my works and visions the best.

I have previously published four novels under my legal name, but am in the process of changing my pen name to Carola Elvira which will also be attributed to my older publications.

I made my debut in 2010, as the first (and possibly only?) author of BL novels in my country.

Carola Elvira during a Love Addict release event

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Writing Style and Vision:

Ever since I first got interested in manga and anime at age 11, it has influenced the way I process and create stories. My writing style is heavily dialogue based, with the characters’ thoughts and words driving the story ahead, and when I envision the scenes as they play out, it’s always closer to a visual novel or animated film than anything else.

Although BL is often criticized for being silly, shallow or unflattering, it also offers large variation in the stories and themes within the genre.
For my part, I try to contribute to the genre with realistic themes and approaches, while also allowing myself to indulge in more simplistic stories. Sometimes all we need is a simple love story.

With that said, and although there is definitely much more to the genre than erotica and sex, I do love myself some good and raunchy BL.
Did I mention I am a sucker for angst as well?

I believe in a healthy balance *laughter*


SNOW (2010)

Jaded (2012)

Love Addict (2016)

Poinsettia (Webnovel)

Popculture & Panels:

Though my preferred genre is an obscure one that definitely will never make a best-selling author out of me, I am rather fond of it and where it has brought me.

Since starting my journey, I’ve been invited to host and participate in several panels on both BL and popular culture at conventions and various events, including Fujocon & Casacon.
If you would like to invite me to talk at yours – drop me an e-mail!

When I’m not writing – and let’s face it, I’m not the kind of author who writes every day, but rather in intense, caffeine-induced stints – I work a lot with promoting and organizing cultural events.
I’m an organizer of Torucon, where I juggle a number of roles, together with my amazing organizer family, in bringing a fantastic cultural highlight to our city every year. If you see me running around Torucon  – please don’t hesitate to say hi!

I’m a co-host of the spirited BL podcast The Yaoi Shelf we drop unhinged eps monthly, and we also do live streams!
And I have recently become a co-host for the Podcast/Radio show NørdPod on Radio Trøndelag!

I also work with the local library’s youth culture group ‘Upolert’ in organizing everything from board game nights to panels about everything from being a young minority, to book baths and reading circles.

Sometimes I cosplay, and I review and recommend a lot of manga over on my IG!

Basically, I have my fingers in a lot of pies, and I’m loving it.

Please enjoy your stay, and if you’ve picked up one of my books; Thank you. Won’t you consider writing a review on Goodreads? ♥