Writing BL on The Yaoi Shelf!

I can’t believe we’ve made it to May already, and I have done NONE of the things I set as goals for myself to start doing back in January – some of it has been out of my hands, to be fair – but a lot of it is just me be being exhausted and lacking in motivation.

However, I’ve been meaning to step up my game, which will hopefully mean that I’ll actually dare to figure out some paperwork so I can launch my patreon, and also maybe try to start a newsletter once I get on with things.

For now though, I just wanna quickly come on here and announce that this month on The Yaoi Shelf, a wonderfully unhinged podcast that I’m part of, we’re talking about the art of writing BL – more specifically; mine and Amanda’s experiences as BL writers. We’ve promised ourselves and each other that we’re going to abandon our impostor syndromes and be loud and proud about our writing, so we’d better stick to it!
The ep will be recorded this Sunday, on the 7th, and then we’ll have a live broadcast which everyone can join at the end of the month!

If you’ve got any questions, comments or anything you want to ask about BL authorship, I’ll be posting a question sticker to both my own IG story, as well as the podcast’s, so we can answer those either during the main ep or the live.