Some updates

I became aware of the mobile version of this site being a bit wonky – namely in the way it displays the bios on the Cast site. I’ll be fixing this as soon as I get the time, until then, I suggest using the browser version to view the site or just to ignore it for now

I also have some happy news! Yesterday I received the ISBN for Change of Heart and we’re one step closer to release! This also means that I can add the book to my goodreads catalogue!

If everything goes according to plan, the release will be on August 31st/September 1st. It all really does depend on how long the proofing takes – rather how long it takes for me to receive the proof copy in the mail.

Crossing everything!


My main website is under (re)construction, so I’ve opened this temporary site for everything you need to know about my upcoming novel Change of Heart, scheduled to be released in print and for kindle at the end of August.

For more frequent updates – and to hear me gripe about my proofing process, head on over to my twitter, or follow me on instagram!