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Wow, it’s been almost a full year since I actually updated this website?!

I guess nothing big has been happening – or maybe I’m just lazy, and posting most of my day to day updates on IG and Twitter. And speaking of Twitter; since it appears to be going belly up, I thought maybe I should start being more active on my own domain again.

As I am writing this I realize that I’ve done tons of cool things this summer and fall which I never wrote about, so maybe I should do some throwback posts about that too? I did after all become a radio host this summer, and did a really fun panel at Torucon, which I feel deserves it’s own little corner. SO look out for that I guess!

I’m slowly working towards setting up my Patreon, although I’m really nervous about actually launching it, which is why I keep putting it off. But I’ll do my best to figure out the details before the new year!

I’ll stay on Twitter for as long as I can, and I’ll keep using Instagram as well. You can find me on both those platforms as @Authorcarola.

In NON internet news, I’m super busy these days with a lot of exciting projects that are definitely draining all my energy, and leaving me MIA on every platform imaginable.
My 9 day NaNoWriMo-venture came and went in a flurry of short, mostly lemon-flavored texts, some of which will be Patreon fodder, and others that will go into the CoH bonus collection, whenever that might be.
I have a massive editing project lined up, with no time to actually edit *cry* but hoping I can get on with it once other things calm down a bit.

If you’re in Norway you can catch me next weekend (the 26th of November) at the Public Library, recording a broadcast and leading a panel with the creators of Rakkan, for their Manga launch fest. The event will take place in the Fantasy Room, and is free to attend! DO come join us~

I’m also preparing for Casacon next month, where I will be a panelist on a Romance Trope panel, and a moderator for a Queer Fiction panel. Casacon is 100% virtual so you can attend from wherever you might be in the world, and registering for the con is free as well! I’m super excited to be back at this cozy little virtual con, and hope to see you there!

To top if all of, I am of course still a co-host of The Yaoi Shelf, and we will be doing our monthly live this Sunday, on the 20th, with Peachie from The Church of BL (and Citrus Con!), so please pop by and catch our unhinged rambling!

So that’s what I’m doing for the foreseeable future. In my next couple of posts I guess I’ll look a bit back in time on what’s been happening this year?
But for now I’m going to retreat back into my bubble of BL dramas – currently watching everything under the sun in an attempt to fill the KinnPorsche-shaped hole in my heart.

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