Happy December!

Somehow it’s already December and I went all of November without posting… anything. Sorry about that! I will make it up by posting double up this month. 

I kind of wanted to make another Advent Calendar this year, but I don’t have the time OR energy, so have this gorgeous art of Mizuki and Settia from Poinsettia for now~ 

I’ll try to post some holiday themed drabbles this month, but if you’re interested, maybe I’ll share a small preview of the romantic comedy I’m working on? 


I posted a new blog entry, just thinking out loud about Sakurai Atsushi’s passing and what Buck-Tick means to me as a writer, and to my characters.

Read Here.

Patreon posts

It’s come to my attention that the Patreon plugin on my site is a little unreliable. It should be automatically sharing patreon posts to my blog on here, but sometimes it just….doesn’t, and I have to import them manually for them to show up on the site.

If you’re a Patreon follower, or you’re interested in joining, I do recommend keeping an eye on the app or my Patreon page directly to make sure you don’t miss any updates. ^^’

…with that said, I should probably use this site more often too.